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Instructor Emeritus, Artist and Author Jack Faragasso

Jack’s Books Include...

The Student's Guide To Painting

2nd. Enlarged Revised Edition of

The Student's Guide To Painting

Mastering Drawing The Human Figure

From Life, Memory, Imagination

The Early Photographs of Bettie Page

Poems of Love ... and other thoughts

The Fine Art of Jack Faragasso

Models Through The Lens of Jack Faragasso

Magnificent Illustrations by Jack Faragasso

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"The Early Photographs of Bettie Page" by Jack Faragasso 

as well as all his other books mentioned above

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Bettie Page

Bettie Page

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The Early Photographs of Bettie Page: An American Icon

by Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso, a young art student, hired a model for a photo shoot. The model was Bettie Page before her career took off to the heights of being labeled "The Queen of Pin Ups." Here, for the first time ever, are those photographs from that afternoon session. Outside of a few of the images used as reference for paperback book covers, these pictures of the very famous pin-up Bettie Page, have never been seen before. Faragasso would go on to serve as teacher at the prestigious Art Students League of New York and also paint 100's of paperback covers, mostly in the science fiction and gothic romance genres. 

This 8 1/2 x 11 inch book contains the never before seen of published early photographs of cult figure Bettie Page by Artist Jack Faragasso. Mr. Faragasso describes how as a young art student in Mr. Frank Reilly's class at the Art Students League of New York was taught photography as well as drawing and painting, for in the early fifties illustration was one of the few outlets for painting realistic images and they were done mainly with the help of photographs.

Mr. Faragasso describes the hectic and exciting days at the Art Students League as well as New York City in the early fifties. It was while a student in Mr. Reilly's class that he photographed Bettie Page for figure studies and paperback book covers, some of which are shown in this book. Today the photographs of Ms. Page stand as fine art in themselves.

Mastering Drawing The Human Figure 

Mastering Drawing The Human Figure from Life, Memory, Imagination by Jack Faragasso

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Volume 1 and Volume 2

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Poems of Love ... and other thoughts

This book is full of what Jack calls "inspirations" that come from his heart and soul. The painting on the cover is one of his that has been admired through the years, and he felt it would perfectly represent the content of this book.

This book will take you along a journey of life and love all the way to the end.

A special addition to this book are the hand drawn sketches that represent each poem. As Jack sat each day having tea or lunch, or even very late at night while the moonlight would shine through his window, these images would come to him. He would quickly grab a napkin or a small sketch pad and begin sketching. Some of the sketches are realistic and others are quite the opposite, but each and every one express a very unique style that is all Jack's alone !

These pencil sketches enhance the beauty of this book.

A keepsake treasure, or

A great gift for someone you love.

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The Student's Guide to Painting

1st. Edition

The Student’s Guide to Painting

by Jack Faragasso

This book is still being utilized by

art students across the world to this day!

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I am very excited to announce that

a 2nd. Enlarged Revised Edition

of my book

The Student's Guide To Painting

is now available on Amazon!

So many have reached out over the years to request that I put out a 2nd. edition since the 1st. edition has been out of print for many years.

I hope you all enjoy it as it includes an additional chapter on Sunlight!

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The 2nd. Enlarged Edition of

the students guide to painting!